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I'm Natasha.

I come from generations and ancestors of farmers from a small island across the the passion for connecting to the earth runs through my blood.


Along with over 20 years in healthcare, time in traditional culinary school, training in Bali as a raw food chef, and the privilege to learn from home and professional chefs all over the world- I realized that food weaves our souls together.

On a mission to hold sacred the connection between land, people, beauty and meaning, Wildroot + Sage Culinary & Wildly beautiful Ayurvedic cooking was born.


We are an Ayurvedic inspired, earth to table, resource for anyone looking to connect to their wild divine radiance. Inspired by the wisdom of a 1000 years, coupled with modern culinary techniques, we are honored you're here.

Image by Dane Deaner

A cottage, with a cozy fireplace, and people who believe that food connects. A place for soil + soul + story to flourish.
10 minutes to downtown Bentonville + home to our cottage microbakery + cookery studio.
An evolving space & thought incubator for ideas + people + small farmers to connect.

Stay with us.
The culinary cottage.

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